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Grid Forward 2020 Talk - Seeq at the Chelan PUD

Our talk

Grid Forward 2020

The Chelan Chronicles - Seeqing Deeper Analytics


The Chelan County Public Utility District provides electric, water, wastewater public utility and telecommunications services in North-Central Washington, USA. The PUD also owns and operates two hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River with a total nameplate capacity just under 2,000 MW. It is nonprofit and customer-owned with an average residential electric rate of about 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. The Chelan County PUD uses Seeq as the go-to analysis tool for time-series, process analytics data.

Seeq is an integral part of our Digital Transformation journey, and it helps us:

  • Innovate with data
  • Broaden operational data access and increase visibility
  • Develop and strengthen data driven culture
  • Leverage existing investments in systems
  • Stay flexible with solutions

We’re still learning all the uses of Seeq, but here are some:

  • Identify conditions and sets of conditions of interest
  • Signal transformations
  • Statistical modeling
  • Frequency analysis (Fast Fourier Transforms)
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Required reporting data reconciliation
  • Performance dashboards
  • Soft sensoring

Presented October 13, 2020 at GridFWD 2020.


  • Jessica Blackburn, Senior Software Developer, Chelan PUD
  • Natalie Baerlocher, Senior Hydro Data Analyst, Chelan PUD
  • Peter Vanney, Data Analyst, Chelan PUD